International rehabilitation specialist - Mrs Beth Spindler


This month, Golden Hearts Academy and Procoach welcome internationally renowned Yoga Therapist Ms Beth Spindler to Vietnam. Beth will share with the Golden Hearts Yoga and meditation community her in-depth knowledge and experience as a Yoga Therapist.

Yoga Therapy is the modern trend to contribute to a long and healthy life, supported by a growing body of research in the West, proving Yoga’s health and healing benefits. It is no wonder that many doctors in the USA and Europe are now prescribing this ancient practice to their patients.

Yoga Therapy is an inherently holistic approach, simultaneously working on the body, mind, and spirit. A variety of Yoga practises systematically strengthen different systems in the body, including the heart and cardiovascular system, the lungs, muscles, and the nervous system. Yoga practices improve the function of the digestive system, foster psychological well-being, and improve oxygen delivery to tissues. Yoga also can help the body more efficiently remove waste products, carcinogens, and cellular toxins.

Among the yogic tools used therapeutically, are asana (the physical postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, and guided imagery. Although many people don’t realize it, yogis also consider diet an integral part of Yoga and therefore of Yoga Therapy.

Yoga Therapist – Ms Beth Spindler

Master Sridevi To Hai is Founder of the Golden Hearts Group and has spent almost two decades studying and teaching Yoga and Meditation. She has a vision to make Vietnam a world leader in natural healing by training and educating Vietnamese people in Yoga Therapy, and meditation and providing the skills to work internationally. Master Sridevi wants Golden Hearts Academy to help expand the knowledge base of the Vietnamese Yoga Therapists and Teachers by inviting the worlds best international Yoga Therapists to Vietnam.

Ms Beth Spindler has more than 40 years experience within the field of Yoga Therapy, during this period studying and working at the Himalayan Institute in Tibet and Sivananda Monestry in India. Beth holds the highest level of certification in Yoga Therapy and has taught and practised in hospitals, clinics, and schools across the USA. In addition, Beth is a regular writer, in the yoga press, the author of several books, and teaches online with Yoga International.

Ms Beth Spindler will be at Golden Hearts Academy 23rd August – 25th August as the lead teacher on the following workshops

Workshop 1: Back Care

Looking at the alignment of the body and how daily habits can contribute to back pain. Beth will teach techniques for helping your spine, shoulders and neck to be pain-free. She has experience with many spinal issues and will share ideas for a variety of conditions having worked alongside physical therapists in orthopaedics at US Medical Centers and private practice.

Workshop 2: Yoga Therapy from the Feet Up 

Beth will offer simple, quick methods to help with better alignment beginning with the feet and moving through the joints, glands, nervous system and even the brain. Join her for a feel-good workshop with lots of fun and knowledge sharing.

Workshop 3: The science behind the esoteric anatomy

Categorize yourself in one of 3 individual doshas based on your unique and in-born blueprint. Beth will teach using her knowledge of the seven chakras and how you can use this knowledge to discover your inner voice and live a happy and healthy life.

Beth Spindler is the first of future international teachers to be invited by Master Sridevi To Hai, Golden Hearts Academy and Procoach to Vietnam.



Registration form:
– Workshop 1: “Back Care”
Time: Friday, 23rd, Aug, 2019 from 6.30 to 9.00pm

– Workshop 2: “Yoga Therapy from the Feet Up”
Time: Saturday, 24th, Aug, 2019 from 8.30am to 4.00pm

– Workshop 3: “The science behind the esoteric anatomy”
Time: Sunday, 25th, Aug, 2019 from 8.30am to 4.00pm

– Location: 19 Hoang Minh Giam st, Ward.9, Phu Nhuan Dist, HCMC
– Hotline: 0932 009 920

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