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(English) Master Sridevi To Hai’s Profile

Master Sridevi To Hai:

– Master of Yoga & Meditation with 14 years of practicing & coaching.
– Founder, Chairwoman and Head Coach of Golden Hearts Group from 2008
– Ambassador to the Yoga Institute (India) and Director of Yoga Alliance (a subsidiary of Yoga Alliance International).

She came to yoga at a very young age, with the passion of learning about it and aspiring to bring it into Vietnam community. After 14 years of domestic and foreign practicing and teaching at several yoga centers in India, Thailand, Hong Long and Singapore, Master Sridevi Tố Hải has become a Yoga and Meditation expert.

She is well-known for being a clever combination of experience, knowledge and a scientific and effective way of working. With humanistic philosophies and a Yogi’s exquisite sense, she has always been nurturing a great enthusiasm and a burning desire to share her knowledge to everyone.

At the time being, Master Sridevi Tố Hải is continuously learning and teaching oversea. To her, enriching and accumulating knowledge and experience are the first priority, as they are the key to open the Yoga and Meditation’s door. Hidden behind the poses and philosophies, there are many secrets that all the knowledge fails to see through.

More information about her at
Skype: sridevi_tohai84


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