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Master Sridevi To Hai

Founder, Chairman cum Chief Instructor of Golden Hearts JSC

aster Sridevi To Hai’s passion and ambition is to develop a thriving Yoga community within Vietnam. Since 2001 she has practiced and taught Yoga and Meditation in Vietnam and internationally in India, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore. Master Sridevi To Hai has become Vietnam’s international expert in both Yoga and Meditation. She is recognized for her unique and cleaver combination of experiences, knowledge, scientific working methods, humanitarian philosophy and her sensitive tastes as a Yogi. Her burning desire, passion and ambition is to share her Yoga and Meditation knowledge. She is a frequent guest on television and a public speaker advocating the Yogi lifestyle.

Master Sridevi To Hai studies and teaches Yoga and Meditation in order to continuously improve her abilities. She understands that behind Yoga and Meditation’s posture and philosophies are many secrets yet to be disclosed. By prioritizing learning and accumulating knowledge she seeks to unlock the door that leads to the best that Yoga and Meditation can offer.


Developing a Yogi community in Vietnam which uses a scientific lifestyle that creates sustainable health and love among those practicing her Yoga and Meditation philosophies is Master Sridevi To Hai’s desire.


Master Sridevi To Hai is proud of her dedicated, talented and professional management, staff and teachers.


Yoga Secret Club’s friendly staff pride themselves in offering advice, support, facilitating and answering student’s questions during and after Yoga and Mediation practice.


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